Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nik NuR aiSYaH bT MeGat ANuAr

~dpt title adik as she's the youngest one among the others.
~d.o.b:24 disember 1992
~amat pntingkan personality.
~fav.colour:xtentu masak merah
~caring n very loyal to her ..eham2.. uhuks!..
~musics lover.
~shoes size:9-10 (very unique size among G2k2) :p
~friendly,, n likes 2 laughing.. hoh0o..

NuR haNaNi bT bASiR

~dpt title: kak long (hoho0o..) c0z,,
~da eldest one in G2k2,, (but xtually da youngest in family) :)
~was born in h.Universiti Kuala Lumpur
~bcme 'kelantanise' since form 2 (20o6)..huhu..
~d.o.b:19 february 1992
~fav.colour:pink n bright colour..
~kelemahn:sush nk ingt nma n muka owam.
~pantang:senyuman is reply wif jelingan! pergghh!

Nadzirah bt MoHd NaWi

~ex-hockey player
~have very bright colour of skin..huu..
~a very co0l person..;cool n steady;sush nk tgk nadzirah t'kejut.
~n,, quite lembut n sopan owamnyer.. (alahai.)
~don't like 2 wearing jeans
~owam 1st yg wat kes disiplin dlm G2K2,, (bring hndphone).. hukhuk..

NuR fAthiN AmaLyn bT NorDin Ahmad

~tis is kak ngah..
~d.O.b:28 februari 1992
~da eldest sister in her family..
~urm,, agak obses skit dlm amik taw kisah org len.(hoh0oho..)
~very talkative person,, akn senyap bila badmood jep.. haha..
~friendly..(wif people only). klu ngn binatang tue,, espcially cat..(no komen!)

HeLlo there,,
tis is n0t a personal even a private blog..
xtually,, tis is a gang's blog, a gang of gurls!
~da gang's named G2K2..
~G2k2 consist of 8 voxx,childish,girly,matured,etc. gurls..
although da attitudes or personalities of G2k2 r quite diffrnt,
but tis gang r alwys 2gether in achieve something good in their life in boarding scho0l..